Zutphen Award

Dear HAM radio friends,

By the time you read this, the activity to continue the ZUTPHEN AWARD with the call PI4ZUT is started.

Start date 01-01-2022 end date rolling….

Participating stations are:

Jos PD0JMH, Stef PG9S, Jan PE0MVJ, Peter PA3EQN,
Peter PA2PKZ and clubstation PI4ZUT.

The rules :

We will be QRV on the HF and 6 Mtr. bands.
Only QSO’s made after 01-01-2022 are valid for the award.
QSO’s made via a repeater are not valid for the award.
QSO’s made via Internet transmission are not valid for the award.
We know 3 modes of transmission PHONE, CW and DIGI.

So you can collect 3 times points on one band with the same station; or, to gain much more points, the same with more stations on various bands and or modes. This will then quickly increase your total points to get the bronze silver or gold award.

There are 3 different Awards available:


How to collect points :

1) A QSO with a participating station counts for 1 point per band and or mode.
2) A QSO with the club station PI4ZUT counts for 3 points per band and or mode.

Award Request :

Send an Email with part of your digital log in ADIF format or a text file with the needed QSO’s to the Award manager Peter, PA3EQN.  Email adres :    zutphen_award@pi4zut.nl

We need to know : call – band – date – time – mode.
After checking, you will receive by mail the AWARD in PDF format.
See also our Club Website : www.pi4zut.nl  and our page PI4ZUT on QRZ.com

QSL manager is Jos PD0JMH.


Here some information about our beautiful city ZUTPHEN:

Zutphen is a city in the middle-east of the Netherlands that many people would like to visit. Not surprising, because Zutphen has many sights such as remains of city walls, towers and centuries-old buildings that are still in good condition. Zutphen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. A Germanic settlement was founded along the river IJssel as early as Roman times. After Vikings in the 9th century caused a lot of destruction during various attacks, the settlement was protected with a ring wall. From the 13th century, a stone city wall with entrance gates and various towers was built in phases.